Heavy Equipment Training, Documentation, and Decals

At Closner Equipment Co. Inc., we take safety seriously. We know first hand the dangers of construction equipment, which is why we offer support to owners and users.

For immediate safety questions, contact us here.

Onsite Heavy Equipment Training

Operator Techincal Documentation

Replacement Safety Decals


No one should use construction equipment unless they have been properly trained on it. This is why we offer onsite heavy equipment training.


The best place to learn how to use construction equipment is where it will be used, or in a similar environment. Our trainers will first educate owners and users about the equipment, reviewing all safety precautions. They will then supervise them as they operate the equipment to ensure they follow all safety instructions.


At the end of the heavy equipment training, owners and users will not only know how to operate the equipment, but they will feel confident that can do so in a safe way.


All heavy equipment owners should have the operator/technical documentation that came with it. If this gets lost, contact Closner Equipment Co. Inc. for a copy of it.

It is important to have the documentation where the equipment is stored. It should be reviewed annually with all operators of the equipment.


Safety decals must remain on construction equipment at all times. If safety decals start to discolor or fall off, replacement safety decals are available. Simply contact us for replacement ones. We just need the equipment’s model and serial number to issue a new one.


We don’t only sell and rent construction equipment, we provide support as well. Contact us if you need heavy equipment training, operator/technical documentation, replacement safety decals, or you just have safety-related questions. We are here to provide you the very best in customer service before, during and after you purchase our construction equipment.

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